Tuesday, 19 May 2009

two shifts to go!

Got 2 more night shifts on mental health, yesterday went well! I passed my medicine administrations exam without any fault, however did fall asleep at 5am to be woken by a patient prodding me and thinking i was dead lol

Im starting to worry about exams etc- got 3 things that need to be handed in/asessed in june, my mother and baby workbook, an aeseptic and observational OSCE- and im getting a bit worried and nervous. Not to mention the exams coming up in september, which im going to start revising for from 1st june onwards, going to make a revision planner soon!

Learning disabilities next week- again still not visited, wheres the time?! Am also going into university on friday for a study day, am strangely excited about sitting in a lecture theatre again! I miss my friends so much, and we've all grown and learnt heaps it's going to be nice about hearing everyones experiences

tomorrow is making me feel sick- gonna do my first ever handover!!! Handover is a mini-meeting nurses do before each shift, just a review on how the patient has been, what needs to be done etc- usually a registered nurse leads it, and my mentor wants me to get used to starting to lead a handover- eeeek!!!!

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